I feel really motivated today even though I am sore everywhere.

Not exactly intimidating, but your knowledge of Navy and ships and stuff sort of scares me because I can imagine you running a tall ship on your own and coming upon your enemies with all canons firing.


Oh, man, if I could, I am pretty sure my father would die of pride. To be fair (because there are people around here who I know have more knowledge than I do), what I possess is a lot of surface stuff and where to look for more information and inspiration. I’m tickled you think I could get away with running my own ship though. I would love that shit! 

I seem to be asking everyone for book recommendations today. 🙂 Any reading suggestions for this subject?


I don’t know why but the title of Episode #2 has me really curious. There has to be a reason they are using the British spelling of Draught vs American (draft)? I can’t think of one good theory though – anyone else???

Possibly because of the Jekyll & Hyde theme? Though the Untold Stories look to be international in flavor, J&H itself is English, and most modern steampunk seems to be set in a quasi-Victorian England.

Last night I went to my first fencing class! I felt incredibly awkward at first, but it was fun. It’s a place in Burlington, MA if any locals want to check it out.

First step was introducing me to all of the gear. There is a lot. (And it was very hot yesterday, so I sweated buckets. Be careful to stay hydrated, folks.) The instructor spent about ten minutes going over the basic stance, advance, retreat, and lunge, and then we jumped right in. There were seven of us, all experience levels and age ranges. We did a bunch of practice drills, I got showed a couple of parries, and then we did actual fencing.

At which, needless to say, I am terrible. 🙂  My best moment was literally when I remembered that I had to stop because I had lost right of way (which is a bizarre concept). But y’know, what does one expect on day 1. I tried something new, and I had fun, just like people are always saying will happen if I don’t worry about looking stupid.

I also woke up at 1 am feeling like crap because my blood sugar had bottomed out from the unaccustomed evening workout, and I am notably sore today. Fencing uses muscles that nothing else does, apparently. I am not sure if I will be able to pick this up as a regular thing, but I am really happy that I gave it a shot.

Oldest kid’s 12th birthday today. Mind boggles.

Not an ask so much as a thank you for all your wonderful literary posts! I absolutely LOVED the post on foils with the accompanying link, and thoroughly enjoy reading your OUAT metas. I love stories, and learning more about their frame work and functionality continues to fascinate and delight me. Thank you for taking the time to provide such incredible insights regarding storytelling (especially when it comes to Once!).

Oh my goodness, thank you! I don’t know about insightful, but I’m glad you’re enjoying my flailing. 🙂 It’s a huge part of how I enjoy the show, and I’ve had so many fun conversations with everyone here about it.

Have a wonderful day!